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A web page by the same author using the same code that actually shows the Mortgage Calculator. In contrast the same or similar code used  in Joomla and seen below does not work now. Will it ever work?

Mortgage Data:
Property Price:
Down Payment:
Annual Interest Rate:
Term: Years
Mortgage Principle:
Total Payments:
Monthly Payment:

Here is how you use this:

  • Enter the Property Price.
  • Enter the Down Payment.
  • Enter the Annual Interest Rate Percentage.
  • Enter the Term, in Years.
  • Click Calculate
Note: Do not use a comma inside the numbers.

For the purchase of real estate, either a commercial property to gain rental income or a home to live in, mortgage loans are often needed. The percentage of down payment to loan amount can vary. Often this is a 40% down payment with a 60% loan for commercial property. And a 20% down payment with a 80% loan for a home to live in. Here is a mortgage calculator to help figure out the monthly payments. The interest rate and years for the loan can vary.